Complicated workflows with Multi-Step Zaps


Multiple actions using a single trigger Marketing automation refers to software platforms and technologies designed for marketing departments and organizations to more effectively market on multiple channels online (such as email, social media, websites, etc.) In the past passing data between platforms was a task only coders could manage but not anymore, using Zapier’s Multi-Step Zaps now anyone can do it. … Read More

The Complete Background Video Guide


A huge collection of cool videos: Together with friends at, we recently launched,  a repository source for getting beautiful background videos for your website, absolutely free. The response to shows just how popular video backgrounds have become, and the level of demand for them. In just a few months, over 100,000 background videos have been downloaded … Read More

Exporting Facebook Leads Data


The problem with Lead Ads is that out-of-the-box you can’t store leads anywhere other than on a simple CSV. We covered the best solutions for that problem in this blog post.

Webpack – Bundling for Fun and Profit


Web development is essentially about providing the right kind of files for the client browser to interpret. How we generate those files is entirely another story. The classic way to deal with JavaScript, for instance, is simply to concatenate the files together. If you want to use some other language, such as CoffeeScript, then you process the files through it. … Read More

Top 5 Benefits of Using SAST


Cybercrime has become so widespread that only mega-hackings make the headlines today. While these raids can be state-sponsored, commercially motivated or private hacking vendettas, the target is often the same – application layer vulnerabilities. Porous code is costing organizations and governments billions of dollars in various damages. As a result of these hackings, modern organizations have to comply with strict … Read More

How I Taught Myself to Code and 3 Tips to Help You Get Started


My name is AJ, and I am happy to be a new Front-End Software Development intern at CodersClan this summer! After a few weeks of seeing the different needs of users on CodersClan, I wanted to share my own path to becoming the developer I am today.

5 Trello Extensions to Improve your Startup’s Productivity


Here at CodersClan, Trello helps us increase productivity and organize our projects with a platform that clearly visualizes an actionable roadmap. Although Trello in its basic form answers most of our needs, I decided to search for plugins to make it even more powerful in improving our workflow efficiency. I did some web research and came across useful add-ons that … Read More

5 Tools for Collaborative Coding

Startup Stock Photos

Cloud services for software development are becoming more prominent yet many developers still code in offline IDEs and alone. We created a list of 5 valuable tools for you to make the most out of the power that cloud coding services offer. For starters, if you ever needed to share a piece of code with another developer to get it … Read More

How to Optimally Initialize Isotope

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Ever had these problems with Isotope? Isotope initializes slowly A “blink” occurs when the page loads (while the page is loading) Isotope places DOM elements on top of each other   There are several different ways to solve these issues. Our first concern is:   Are there any <img> elements in the container? If the answer is yes, any of … Read More