How It Works

Task Review

Your task is reviewed by the community moderators

Task Assignment

Your task is assigned to the best available coder

Task Completion

The coder completes the task for you in a private session


When you submit your task for review you set an initial price you'd like to start with. CodersClan moderators then compare it to previous similar tasks and will let you know if any adjustment is needed. The main factors for determining a task price are:

  1. Complexity
  2. Deadline
  3. Popularity of the related technology

We accept all major credit card brands, Paypal and Bitcoin.

A refund is eligible during any point in the process except for parts already marked as completed by you. Once you mark a project or part of it as complete, the payments are transferred to the eligible coders and can no longer be recalled.


Every coder must go through a thorough screening process before participating in CodersClan. Such process includes the confirmation of a proven professional experience by the screening of confirmed Stack Overflow, GitHub & LinkedIn accounts as well as personal blogs and portfolios through which we can confirm the coders professional qualification. In addition, each starting coder can at first only participate in small tasks and can only move on to bigger projects after gaining a reputable track record on CodersClan.

If you are a professional coder and excited about building great software together, you are more than welcome to Join the Clan and start the process.


All of CodersClan coders agree to assign all proprietary ownership to the client upon the project's completion. You as a client are eligible for a full proprietary ownership of the intellectual property for each part delivered and paid for to the coders.

We will be happy to work with you to accommodate to your privacy requirements. By default we will be sharing the project description with selected relevant coders who we believe are likely to participate or provide valuable insights about the project. Would you choose to have a higher standard of privacy, we will be happy to work with you and share information with limited audiences on a strict, need-to-know basis.